“Computer Says No” when a good Recruiter might say yes!


By Sami Rose – Consultant – JS3 Recruitment

Computers now play a huge part in every business, and we all see the value in them. It would be virtually impossible to find a business that is not making use of computers or tablets in some way to streamline their processes, but what happens when computers are entrusted with making decisions rather than the user?

Love it or hate it “Little Britain” was (for me anyway) pure genius and would often have me in stitches, but there was one line that seems particularly relevant in the 21st Century: “Computer says no”. It is widely accepted that a computer algorithm makes the decision when you apply for a mortgage because certain criteria have to be met, but what about when you apply for a job? Does the computer have the emotional intelligence to screen your CV and decide if your experience is relevant?

The benefits to companies are clear, and have the potential to save the decision maker a huge amount of time wading irrelevant applications. However, a computer can’t pick up the phone (yet) and have a HUMAN conversation. It can’t interpret your CV by “reading between the lines”. It can simply search for key words or phrases. The ideal candidate could be rejected at the because their current situation or experiences differ slightly from the “ideal” criteria that have been set for that vacancy.

So Sami’s Top Tips to Avoid Disaster!

CV – One Size Does NOT Fit All! : When applying for a role the easy option is to just submit the same CV to every role that looks to be a fit for your skills and experiences. Unfortunately this will often get you nowhere! If you are looking to beat the computer, then you need to adapt your CV so that it reflects the relevant experience for that particular role.

Find a Recruiter that understands you: Like anything, building a working relationship with a Recruiter who understands your background will definitely help them to help you. The more they know about you, the better they can “sell” you to their client and the harder they are likely to work on your behalf. The best recruiters should understand their clients needs and advise you on any changes you should make to your CV for that vacancy.

Remember, hiring managers are very busy and are usually trying to fit recruitment around their day job so you need to make it easy for them to understand why you have applied and why you are relevant for the role they are hiring. Keep you CV as simple as you can. It doesn’t need to be 10 pages long, it just needs to be relevant, gives suitable examples where possible, and gives an insight in to you as a person as well as your experience. At JS3 Recruitment we will always do our best to assist you with ensuring that your CV is specific enough to get you an interview. If you are unsure, please ask us.