Guest Blog by Steve Norton – Head of Talent Acquisition at thinkmoney


Today’s guest blogger – Steve Norton – Head of Talent Acquisition at thinkmoney

In today’s guest blog, Steve Norton shares his thoughts on how we should find positives in the new circumstances we find ourselves in and how to make the most of working from home. I have known Steve for a number of years and he is a pragmatic and commercial Talent Acquisition Specialist who builds, trains and motivates excellent teams at all levels.

Steve can be found here: LinkedIn and has said the following about the new “normal” that we all find ourselves in:

“We should now be well and truly past a few things, that we can look back on now and realise weren’t that important at all.

My favourite thing is we don’t have to apologise for the dog barking or the children making a noise on our many Zoom calls. I’ve seen more people’s dogs and kids than I would possibly have thought two weeks ago. And it doesn’t matter. All that air expelled in a previous life for nothing.

In one of my morning calls I asked a colleague about his double bass behind his head and found out he had a number of instruments around the house. Cue questions about his musicianship and the kind of music he liked for a few minutes. Without wasting lots of time, we have an opportunity to learn more about our business contacts and colleagues, and be more sociable.

The kids, dogs and spouses making a cup of tea in the kitchen? Well they’re just not an issue as we hopefully become more tolerant. They never were, we just didn’t know it.”

I can only echo Steve’s thoughts. Take this time to properly connect with people, learn more about them and build a lasting relationship. It is not just our careers and job titles that define us, that is what we do rather than who we are and as Steve says suddenly we don’t need to apologise for a bit of background noise on a call as we all become more accepting of eachothers homelives.

Stay safe everyone.