JS3 Recruitment is Nine Years Old


Nine years ago today I embarked on the journey of setting up a business. JS3 Recruitment was just me in an office with a laptop, a phone, a lot of dreams, an unknown brand with a logo designed by one of my friends and it’s fair to say a great deal of trepidation. None of us has a crystal ball and can I honestly say that I didn’t know what the future held. All I knew was there was a lot of hard work ahead of me and a mortgage that needed paying.

My primary objective was to exceed the expectations of candidates and clients. I didn’t want JS3 to be a CV shop bombarding clients with CV’s, I wanted to create a business focused on quality rather than quantity. I believe we have done a really good job of holding true to those objectives. In 2015 during a rebrand we changed our strapline from “Exceeding Expectations” to “It’s All About People” You can see more about what that truly means here: About Us

The original plan was to work in the Sales and Marketing Sectors that I knew well but within 12 months the opportunity to set up a Medical division presented itself and it made sense to pursue it. Our Medical division has spread its wings since then, delivering across a broad range of skills, both clinical and non-clinical. From ANP’s and GP’s to many areas of Allied Healthcare and providing Support Workers to a broad range of care settings.

Since 2009 through the releationships that we have built with our clients and the referrals that we have received, our expertise at JS3 Recruitment has spread in to a wide variety of disciplines including Finance, Legal, Operations, IT, Customer Services and more. We know when to say no if we don’t believe we can deliver what our clients need but we are certainly always up for a challenge, often filling roles that our clients are struggling with for one reason or another.

So what have I learned over the last nine years? The primary one is to stay true to what you believe. Treat people right and if that means you don’t make a fee then it’s better to have a good reputation than a bigger bank balance. In the long term your reputation is more valuable and will help you to grow. We have seen our client base grow through people calling us because they have been told we do a great job and I use that as an indicator that we are doing things right.

If you are at a point in your career that you want to speak to a Recruiter who will actually listen to what you want or if you are a business that is tired of sifting through endless piles of CV’s why not give us a call and discuss how we might be able to help you.

Feel free to call JS3 Recruitment on 0161 763 8770 or e-mail me directly by clicking here: E-mail Jeremy Lennard