Plan for the future by growing your network now


Let’s be honest, many of us are wondering what the future is going to look like from a business perspective after the COVID19 Pandemic subsides. I believe we have two options: (a) be a passenger and wait to see what happens, or (b) find pro-active ways to fill your days. I am opting for the second choice, finding ways to keep busy. The decision that I have made is to Plan for the future by growing my network now.

How many of us can hand on heart say that they regularly speak to every single person they are connected with on LinkedIn, or even when / why they connected to those people? I am doing my best to work through some of those connections and re-engage with people that I have not spoken to for some time. If you are reading this and we haven’t spoken for a while please feel free to get in touch – it would be great to speak to you.

In addition, I am still actively involved with my weekly networking group. I admit that I was a little unsure about joining BNI last year but it has proven to be a great tool in helping me to grow my business and my personal network.

I am meeting people and finding business opportunities that I would never have known about. BNI has rapidly deployed technology to allow the thousands of meetings that take place every week to continue via an online platform and the value of these is still great. The weekly meeting that I attend is still generating referrals and it is helping many of us to maintain positivity during these difficult times. We have visitors joining us at every meeting and they are finding it to be a great tool for planning their future growth. It is genuinely an excellent referral network where we all have a vested interest in helping each other to ride out these difficult times and develop solid plans for the next steps in our businesses.

If you want to plan for the future by growing your network in areas you may not have considered or you of need an introduction to a specific person who you have never managed to contact, perhaps one of my fellow members knows them so why not come along as a visitor to our online weekly meeting?

Please get in touch with me on 07791-573635 or by e-mail at and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have and make the necessary arrangements. You have nothing to lose and potentially, as I have found, a lot to gain from expanding your network right now.